In practical work, the question always arises how

Exactly the body gets this astonishing one in virtuoso play

Speed. Decades ago

Medical students who were with me for guitar lessons,

Calculated that this is because of the

Nerve conductor speed* is not possible purely mathematically, so

to play quickly. Not to mention the response time. It

So in the course of the learning process, others have to

Nerve circuits take place as the initial: -

Fingeles feel strings - nerve sends it to the brain - brain

says pull off - nerve sends command to the finger - finger makes pull


In fact, we have to learn a new run, lick, picking first. This takes place in the left half of the brain that controls the conscious, cognitive processes. The process of practicing can be connected to the affective processes that take place in the right half of the brain. The pyramidal nervous system **, which is responsible for fine motor skills and arbitrary motor skills, creates a new faster (shorter) nerve relocation. There is a reflex sheet ***, which best over just one synapse **** The shortest connection between the effector (nerve, which forwards a stimulus from the central nervous system to the organs and triggers a reaction there) and receptor (nerve that is stimulating forwarded from the central nervous system to the organs and triggers a reaction there). An unconscious action pattern is created that the musician can call up as required.

If you watch experienced musicians in quick processes, you notice that they don't look at their fingers at that moment. And for a good reason. When watching the left, conscious brain might get involved and mess up everything. While the conditioned action patterns take place, the left, conscious brain remains in a kind of mental anticipation of the next movement sequence. The transition from controlled actions to conditioned reflexes is always fluid, but if it is very heavy action patterns, you sometimes have to jump mentally, the musical timing sometimes hangs on a hundredth of a second.

In view of these processes, we have to completely re -interpret our training methods and learning processes.

  There are basic requirements such as mobility and

Hand muscles, musicality etc. that need to be acquired. In the

Ideally, you get up with practicing the current picking

The necessary level. But this clearly extends the process of

Internal and "eats" the musical fascination

on. Especially when it comes to the thin "muscle -like" tissue around the

Little fingers and the ring finger can be accompanied

Finger exercise the abbreviation. It is the same with the

Barréekraft and the longness in the wrist.

  Then the internal process begins. After my

Experience needs to practice a completely new,

fine motor movement sequence 800-1200 slowly played

Repetitions, depending on ... fingering and previous knowledge.

That sounds a lot, but when you consider that you are in 1 minute

easily accommodates 10 movements, that's 100 in 10 minutes

So a total of effective 120 minutes distributed over a week

16 minutes a day. The most stressed person also has this


  When internalized, you only start picking in slow motion

study. After several individual movements you can try

to find a slow rhythm. How long can you

Keep out rhythm? Treat your arms a little break. Leaves

Both arms hang. No muscle is allowed to the shoulder joint

be tense, slowly counts up to 5 and then look at the

Hand inner surface. Are there white spots? If so, you do

Too much with the shoulders. That can lead to back pain. And

This blocks the flowing movement. Remember: soon after that

We want to internalize the breathtaking game feeling of the

Achieve “flow”. So now make sure to stay relaxed

to put all fingers right and the pluck pattern with the right ones

To play fingers. The internalization is then completed

If how by yourself, your thoughts switch off and you still

can continue to play. Now play with more expression. So

improves the contact of fingers to the string, from string to

Gear board, emphasizes another finger in the plucked pattern,

etc. Now comes the flow phase. You can find this on the CD or

the MP3's exercise stakes that bring you to the desired pace

should. If the beginning is too slow and boring, have

Yours well internalized. Find a pace at which you are at

Best feels (not rushed). Write yourself the exact time (on

the display), which you can see in the exercise stake.

Is that still the same time the next day, or will you become

more quickly? When the most favorite

MPO is still changing, you are

not yet in the appropriate flow. Remember: if our

Arm has to wear a heavy suitcase, he tenses all the muscles up to

Up to the shoulder. Shoulder and upper arm must be for the

Stay the guitar games loose. We only play from the forearm

And the fingers out. So here not a European one

Performance masochism (which can otherwise be useful). Is looking for that

Flow and let it go. Teach guitar in almost 40 years

I don't experience anyone who brought him into the “flow” when I

have not always searched for it, and the flow as

Original, wonderful game system. Now have

her the fine motor movement as a conditioned

Action pattern available. You can do yourself

This action pattern is not exclusively as simple mechanical

Introduce automatism. The reflex sheet receives constantly

Influences (over the pyramid railway) from our Muskilaian

Consciousness. So emphasis, expression, emotional concrete between

Interpret and person, etc. We must not forget that

When building the manual for the first time about the formation of

Daughter cells a muscle memory ***** is installed, which

is permanently present. So please no bad postures for the

Check the little finger and the ring finger. Use the practice

Videos (downloads on

  This book should be for finger picking, the possibility

offer to automate all important basic movements to

Then later available for all heavy pieces

have. The guitarist should be one at the end of the first part

Full repertoire of conditioned action patterns for

Faster and sovereign coping and exercise more complex

Have pieces for the cattle.

In this sense: Let it flow.